Piazza Residance

Project Name:                          Piazza Recidance

Category:                                Architectural Lighting

Client:                                      Rönesans Insaat

Location:                                 Istanbul - Turkey

Date                                        2021

Installer:                                  Hera LED

Lighting Designer                    Hera LED Design Team


 It is a mix-used structure in the Piazza Shopping Center, which embraces the dynamic, a shopping section consisting of stores belonging to world brands, as well as office and residential sections at the same time.

 In our application, which creates a visual feast on the exterior of the piazza, 1300 meters of HERA-SWORD RGB Round Diffused products were used.



HERA LED - SWORD® RGB Series Radius Diffused          1300 meters

MADRIX® - Luna 16                                                                  7 pcs.

MADRIX® - Luna 4                                                                    1 pcs.

MADRIX ® - Ultimate                                                                 1 pcs.