Izka Port

Project Name:                           Izka Port

Category:                                 Architectural Lighting

Client:                                      Izka Gayrimenkul Insaat

Lighting Designer:                    Hera LED Design Team

Location:                                  Izmir / Turkey

Date:                                        2021

Installer:                                   Izka Gayrimenkul Insaat



Enjoy with our latest dynamic facade lighting project at lovely Izmir, west coast of Turkey. Izka Port Building standing on the sea shore with its 110m high splendor. While 891 pieces of our 5-watt power dot fixtures PD-60's lighting up the front facade, total 1.055 meter of our linear fixture Swords creates architectural lighting in different forms around the building. Beautiful harmony to stare! 


HERA LED - PD60 Series DMX Pixel Dot                                  891   pcs.

HERA LED -Sword® 100.1 RGB Series Direct View                 185   meter

HERA LED -Sword® 100.1 SC Series 6500 K Direct View        870   meter

DS-2 DMX Siplitter                                                                    1       pcs.

DS-4 DMX Siplitter                                                                    1       pcs.

Power Pack 1000 Power Suplly                                                1       pcs.

Power Pack 320 Power Suplly                                                  14     pcs.

MADRIX - STELLA                                                                    24     pcs.

MADRIX - 5 Ultimate                                                                 1       pcs.