Gokmen Space Aviation Training

Project Name:              GUHEM- Gokmen Space  Aviation  Training Center

Category:                     Architectural Lighting

Client:                          Gokmen Uzay Havacılık Egitim Merkezi

Location:                      Bursa - Turkey

Date                             2020

Installer:                       Hera LED

Lighting Designer        Hera LED Design Team

 HERA LED has finalised a brand new lighting project in Bursa.

 Within the scope of the 'Gokmen Space Aviation Training Center(GUHEM)' located in Bursa, it is aimed to start space and aviation trainings for young generations from the ground up. As Turkey's first center with a space concept, it was built as a closed area of approximately 13.000 m2 and includes space-aviation exhibition areas and mechanisms. It was designed in cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and with the support of TUBITAK in order to create an infrastructure in the field of space-aviation.

131 meters of HERA-SWORD RGB Round Diffused products and 973 pieces of HERA-PD 60 RGB were used in dynamic lighting project.


HERA LED - PD 60 RGB Series DMX Pixel Dot                    973  pcs.

HERA LED - Sword RGB Series Raund Diffused                  131  Meter.

HERA LED- Power Pack 320                                                  49  pcs.

MADRIX® - Luna 16                                                                 2  pcs.

MADRIX® - Luna 8                                                                   2  pcs.

MADRIX ® - Ultimate                                                                 1  pcs.