Fantastico Shopping Mall

Project Name:             Fantastico Shopping Mall
Category:                    Architectural Lighting
Client:                         Bronlight
Lighting Designer:       Hera LED Design Team
Location:                     Varna / Bulgaria
Date:                           2021
Installer:                      Bronlight

The extraordinarily contemporary complicated of the Fantastico chain of stores, consisting of a grocery shop with a warm spot, a bistro, a consumption area, counters for family services, a pharmacy, retail outlets for industrial goods, bowling, enjoyment video games and parking, in Pernik, is the new address in the city, which facade lighting is illuminated through Hera LED, intalled and applicated by Bronlight Professional Lighting.

As Hera LED, we turned this wonderful architecture into a lighting show by making use of the magnificence of red and the true color of PROCOLOR AC.

With the power of 500 PROCOLOR AC, the city of Pernik now has a new look at nights.


Hera LED - Procolor®AC Single Color 500 pcs.